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LOG Commercial Properties is engaged in the development, construction, commercialization and management of commercial properties such as Logistics Condominiums, Allotment of Industrial Plots, Shopping Centers and Strip Malls.

The role of LOG starts in the exploration of the most strategic locations to enhance the success of its industrial and commercial projects. Subsequently, the job continues in the relentless pursuit of added value, innovation, sustainability and methods to reduce time and costs in order to optimize the results of clients, investors and shareholders.

Our beliefs


Work on the development and management of commercial properties with quality, transparency and ethics, to maintain strong lasting bond of trust with our clients, investors, partners and employees.


Be the best developer of industrial and commercial properties in Brazil.


Commitment to our clients; Ethics, transparency and quality; Result Oriented on the short, medium and long term; Meritocracy; Sustainability; Anticipation, innovation and achievement.

LOG Differentials

Cost Benefit

LOG offers the most competitive prices with deep market knowledge. The projects of the company have a better infrastructure, both its Class A Logistics Warehouses and Strip Malls of distinctive architecture.

Strategic Location

The properties of LOG are located in strategic locations in order to optimize time and investment of your business.

Complete Infrastructure

The properties of LOG possess high-level infrastructure. Its Logistics Condominiums have parking lots, maneuver yards, support buildings, restaurants, locker rooms and offer security, maintenance and cleaning service.

Full Management

LOG has a policy of retaining talent and investing in ongoing training as a way to appreciate and evaluate its entire team. These initiatives seek to bring more quality to the final product.


Offer a unique and differentiated product to its clients. This is the commitment of a company focused on innovation, concerned with the anticipation of market trends and the needs of its partners. For LOG, it is always possible to innovate.

Customer Relations

Our goal is to establish and maintain strong and long-lasting relationships with LOG clients.


LOG offers its clients the flexibility of negotiation and seeks to offer the best cost benefit in the market. It is the vocation of LOG to value an ethical and flexible relationship with all its public - suppliers, clients, employees and partners.

Operational Excellence

For LOG, it is as important as offering an innovative solution is to deliver quality work. In this way, all procedures are performed according to its respective technical standards.

Cost Benefit
Strategic Location
Complete Infrastructure
Full Management
Customer Relations
Operational Excellence

Development Cicle

Identificação de demanda

  • Identificação de clientes para definir a rentabilidade
  • Equipe multidisciplinar responsável pela análise
  • Comitê interno responsável pela tomada de decisões e aquisições.

Regularização do terreno

  • Due diligence
  • Mapeamento de possíveis restrições
  • Obtenção de todas as licenças e aprovações para o projeto


  • Processo de construção padronizado, mecanizado e organizado em módulos
  • Controle e otimização de custos
  • Construção de galpão faseado em 6 meses
  • Sinergia com parceiros

Entrega do Projeto

  • Equipe comercial altamente qualificada
  • Corretores especializados no mercado da companhia

Gestão dos Ativos

  • Controle de custos
  • Padronização de fornecedores
  • Manutenção e gestão periódica dos ativos
Criação de valor significante

The self management of our condominiums has a strategic management of Facilities and Utilities, offering our client security and tranquility so that he can focus only on his business. The fact that we have as administrator the owner of the assets only brings benefits, after all the zeal is even greater, besides having the direct communication, without intermediaries. We have a team dedicated to this purpose, with a special flair for innovation and sustainability.

Our experience and knowledge of every detail of the building facilitates the management of all necessary adjustments to the condominium, from small painting operations and light bulb changes to maintenance of paving, gardening, cleaning of common areas and security control.Our experience and knowledge of every detail of the building facilitates the management of all necessary adjustments to the condominium, from small painting operations and light bulb changes to maintenance of paving, gardening, cleaning of common areas and security control.

Aiming at the best customer experience with our projects, we seek intelligent solutions through technology tools and innovations. The result is greater efficiency, practicality, savings and sustainability.

Our team is specialized in condominium management, acting directly in payments, collections, default management and customer service


A Log Commercial Properties está antecipando seu planejamento para poder entregar mais do que a meta de 1 milhão de metros quadrados de área bruta locável (ABL) do portfólio de galpões, prevista para 2024 no plano de crescimento da companhia “Todos por um”, anunciado no fim de outubro do ano passado.

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"Em apenas um ano, a Log, locadora de galpões de alto padrão, tornou-se independente de sua criadora (a MRV), abriu capital, viu seu valor de mercado saltar de 1,2 para quase 3 bilhões de reais e cresceu 22% em 2019."

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