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LOG values ​​it as a company that operates based on ethical values. We understand that the image and reputation of our company are non-negotiable assets. Therefore, all shareholders, managers and employees must be committed to values ​​such as transparency, honesty, trust and respect for others, and are responsible for the dissemination and practice of these principlesClique

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct aims to disseminate the set of rules, principles, values ​​and attitudes that regulate our internal and market operations. The guidelines contained in this document must be observed by our entire team, partners and suppliers.


Confidential Channel

If you have received gifts, presents or have a relationship that may constitute a conflict of interest, as defined in the Code of Conduct, make your statement. The Compliance area will analyze and return with the appropriate opinion and actions.


Talk to Compliance

If you have specific questions about the Code of Ethical Conduct or LOG Policies, use this channel, we will be happy to help you.