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Condominium Administration


The self management of our condominiums has a strategic management of Facilities and Utilities, offering our client security and tranquility so that he can focus only on his business. The fact that we have as administrator the owner of the assets only brings benefits, after all the zeal is even greater, besides having the direct communication, without intermediaries. We have a team dedicated to this purpose, with a special flair for innovation and sustainability.

Our experience and knowledge of every detail of the building facilitates the management of all necessary adjustments to the condominium, from small painting operations and light bulb changes to maintenance of paving, gardening, cleaning of common areas and security control.

Aiming at the best customer experience with our projects, we seek intelligent solutions through technology tools and innovations. The result is greater efficiency, practicality, savings and sustainability.

Our team is specialized in condominium management, acting directly in payments, collections, default management and customer service